For several years now, Donelson has enjoyed driving by the triangle at Lebanon and Old Lebanon during the holiday season and seeing our community Christmas tree. This year will be no different thanks to the help from local businesses and community leaders! On November 25th, all residents of Donelson are invited to stop by and help decorate the tree, enjoy some hot cocoa and cookies from Donelson Cafe, and listen to the Holy Rosary Academy choir!

To prepare for this event, some of the organizers visited the location to make sure everything was in working order. Unfortunately, it was not. The outlet that would power the lights to our beautiful tree was found in disrepair, along with several strings of our lights. Luckily, the outlet was able to be replaced and is in working order again! However the lights are a bit more tricky and will require replacing! This is where we need the community’s help! We already know that our community shines, but we want our Christmas tree to too! Because of the size of our tree, generously donated by JVI Secret Gardens, we need a LOT of lights, but we only have the one outlet and can only string together 2 of our current light strings. So we’re looking to get longer lasting, brighter, more energy efficient LED lights. Hip Donelson will be donating toward the effort and we’re asking that our neighbors and friends contribute too by making a tax-deductible donation and give what they can to help keep the community tree merry and bright!

 Click below to donate towards purchasing new LED Christmas lights for the Donelson Community Christmas Tree!