Our Mission:

This group is intended for the following purposes:

  • Our primary mission is making our community a safe place to live.
  • Our group is established for the benefit of both Home Owners and Renters alike.  We will not discriminate between the two.
  • We will provide a unique mechanism for Neighborhood Watch Groups in the Donelson area to communicate issues and concerns with one another.
  • We will provide mentoring to those neighborhoods in Donelson without a Neighborhood Watch Group, so that effective groups can be established.
  • We will provide a means for those individuals or neighborhoods, who cannot, for whatever reason, establish a Neighborhood Watch, to benefit from the mechanics of communication and deter crime in Donelson.
  • We will act as a social network liason between members of the group and Metro Police Hermitage Precinct Community Relations.

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Our Terms of Service

IMPORTANT: This group should NOT be used to make an initial report of crime or suspicious activity. Post this information ONLY after you report the activity to Metro Police at (615) 862-8600 or 911 (if life-threatening emergency). Please remember: Get as good a description as you can of any subject including: clothing color and type, age, and direction of flight.

This group is for coordination of neighborhood watch programs within the Donelson area. It is a way for us to share information on crimes within our area, as well as a pathway to establish neighborhood watch groups that have not yet been formed in Donelson.

This group will be moderated by the established Neighborhood Watch Directors. Please do not use this group to complain about the police department or others. Posts determined by the moderators as outside of the scope of this group will be removed without notice.