Facebook Group Terms of Service
Hip Donelson cannot be all things to all people. We have decided to be a positive environment for bettering Donelson and its neighboring communities. It does not mean there is not a place to voice your complaints … it’s just not here. If you feel that you have had a post unfairly removed, you may email mods@hipdonelson.com
TERMS OF SERVICE: (updated July 16 2019) By using our Facebook Groups, you agree to the following:

❖ This page is moderated. Posts judged by the administrators of this forum to be inappropriate, adversely negative, or that do not otherwise serve the needs of our members and community will be removed without notice. Members who post inappropriate material may also be removed and/or banned from the group without notice. Our administrators and moderators are volunteers who give back to our community via this group. There is a zero tolerance policy regarding threats and/or bullying with any Administrator or Moderator regarding their decisions within this group. 
❖ The IRS strictly forbids 501(c)3 organizations from participating in political campaigns and severely limits the influencing of legislation (lobbying), Therefore, posts that have the appearance of lobbying, or to influence legislation, gathering of petitions for change, etc are strictly prohibited and will be removed, as will posts by, or for, any political candidate for office. Images used to promote any political candidate will also be removed.
❖ To keep with our mission of supporting local Donelson based businesses, only businesses that are physically located in Donelson, Hermitage, Old Hickory, City Side and areas designated on this map. are allowed to post on the Hip Donelson page. Businesses advertising outside of these areas may be deleted without notice. Promoting businesses is best done by happy customers. We ask that businesses who promote themselves do so through a personal profile and to limit those promotions to two posts per seven day period. Advertisements of any kind, on our sister sites is prohibited. Please make sure your physical location is listed within your advertisement.
❖ For the enjoyment of all of our members, we do not allow classified advertisements on any of the Hip Donelson owned groups. Classified advertisements for the purposes of this group include the sale of personal items, including tickets to events, and ISO (in search of) items to buy.
❖ Real Estate: Postings for homes for sale or rent are allowed, as long as they are located within Donelson, Hermitage, or Old Hickory and are not posted more than twice in a seven day period. Homes for sale or rent must have the location of the property listed in the post. It is acceptable to use major crossstreets for privacy concerns. The price must be listed on all real estate.
❖ Solicitation of money or any type of donations not specifically approved by the Administrators of Hip Donelson is prohibited specifically, all solicitations via online means are prohibited (gofundme, etc).
❖ Trolling: Any member post that incites trolling on any and all Hip Donelson related groups will be deleted without warning. Trolling includes any and all posts that include a form of harassment or destructive language with the intent to provoke another member into destructive or negative comments. This includes all politically biased posts, blatant advertisements, embedded links, financial call to action posts as well as posts with sexual content. For more information on “trolling” – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_(Internet)
❖ Bumping: Any member who utilizes comments to “bump” a post to the top of the group in an attempt to circumvent the twice in seven days rule will have the post removed. Repeated removals may result in the member being removed.
❖ If you have a gripe or complaint with a business or with someone on this page, please take that discussion directly to the business or person. There are many other sites to review businesses. Negative posts or comments will be removed at the discretion of the moderators.
❖ Hip Donelson supports pet adoptions through shelters and rescue facilities. We do not allow the sale of any animal on Hip Donelson. Rehoming of pets is not allowed on Hip Donelson, except by approved Pet Rescue organizations that are IRS 501(c)3 organizations. Please see our Lost Pets sister site for more details. https://www.facebook.com/groups/HipDpets/?ref=ts&fref=ts
❖ The Events page is reserved for Hip Donelson Sponsored events and is for nonprofit groups only. Should you wish to have an event appear on our Events page, visit our events page to request your event to be publishedhttp://www.hipdonelson.org/events/
❖ Hip Donelson does not allow MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) advertisements in our Facebook group. Definition of MLM ads are at the discretion of the moderators, but include calls to action soliciting sales representatives, opportunities to recruit others to sell a product, etc.
❖ Posting “referral codes” to businesses and/or attractions that result in cash or services to the referrer are not allowed on Hip Donelson.
❖ Garage/Estate/Yard Sales are allowed on Hip Donelson as long as they are physically located in Donelson, Hermitage or Old Hickory. The listing may not be posted more than two times in a seven day period and not on back to back days. The post must only contain one picture. We recommend utilizing a collage app or something similar to demonstrate the goods that will be available. Pricing may not be listed or discussed in the comments. There are many community yard sale Facebook groups that are easily found by searching Facebook that are designed to promote yard sales. We recommend those pages. Moderators may, at their discretion, turn off commenting on all Garage / Estate / Yard Sale postings.
❖ Hip Donelson does not allow contests, including calls to action to do a particular task, in order to get something in return.
❖ Posts with pictures, depicting “before and after” views of a person or persons will be removed.
❖ Memes and .GIFs to comment on posts are not allowed in our group and they will be immediately removed.
❖ Job postings are allowed on Hip Donelson, as long as the job opportunity is located within a reasonable distance from Donelson. The post must include the job title, work locations and contact information including either email or telephone or link to an online application.
❖ Cursing on Hip Donelson, in any form, including removal of letters to mask the actual word or phrase, is not allowed. It will result in the immediate removal of the user and can result in a permanent ban from all Hip Donelson groups, without notice.
❖ If you find a post that is offensive, or you feel that violates our Terms of Service, simply click the arrow in the upper right corner of the post, and click “Report”. A message will be sent to all moderators, who will then look at the post and take appropriate action.
❖ Please do not promote other groups on Hip Donelson. Those posts will be removed without notice.
❖ Live video posts are prohibited on any Hip Donelson Facebook Group and will be removed without notice, unless from and/or approved by the Hip Donelson Board of Directors.
❖ We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone to any of our Facebook pages that we feel do not fit community standards for which we strive.
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Hip Donelson is a not for profit, charitable organization formed under Section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Donations to all Hip Donelson programs of work are tax-deductible as charitable contributions for US federal income tax purposes to the extent allowable by law.